Qualified Teachers

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School is the foundation of a child’s future and teachers are the architects of this foundation. Our teachers will be guides, mentors and counselors of our students. We aim to inspire every child – whatever their abilities - to achieve their very best. Our school isn’t just about knowledge and skills though; it’s also about inspiring children to be creative and look differently. Our Teachers are determined, dedicated and demonstrative.

Smart Class Rooms

Large, specious , smart class rooms with multimedia facilities and ourtrained teachers teach through digital technology to make teaching enjoyable and refreshing.

Teaching Methodology

“You read, you forget; You see, you remember; You experiment, you understand” is the basic methodology adopted by NBM MODEL SCHOOL for teaching. Each class is equipped with smart class Equipment for audio-visual teaching. Through innovative and experimental teaching methods, we make the learning process extremely enjoyable. Every child is born with unique gift of knowledge. Discovering knowledge is the province of every human being. We believe in leaving ideologies behind and seeing each student as an individual who has multiple ideas to share. We provide a structured situation in which students can discover how to articulate their ideas, both verbally and artistically.